TECHNE, Pack 100 needles, 127mm in length

TECHNE, Pack 100 needles, 127mm in length

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• Fast evaporation of solvents from any sample vessel
• The unit is light and compact enough for convenient use in a fume cupboard when toxic solvents are being evaporated.
• The needles¹ are made from high quality stainless steel and are specially designed for use with the Techne Sample Concentrator. When corrosive solutions are being used, PTFE coated needles are available.
• The Sample Concentrator's gas reservoir is mounted on a fully adjustable stand for accurate height control.

Maximum gas pressure : Must not exceed 2 psi
Maximum vertical travel : 320mm
Maximum gas usage : 15 litres minute
Gas : Any inert gas (often nitrogen)
Gas intake nozzle diameter : 6.35mm (quarter inch)
Needle position : Variable to suit Techne Dri-Blocks
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) : 295 x 240 x 530
Shipping weight (gas chamber and stand) : 5kg plates. Beads included

F7210 Pack of 100 needles, 127mm long