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Solaris CCD Plus Spectrometer is the right instrument wich combine ease of using, reliability and accuracy in results. Thanks to its reduced dimensions and to the quality of components, Solaris CCD Plus represents the ideal solution to be used in any working place: Office, laboratory, stock, production. Solaris CCD Plus is available with different configurations, able to analyze any different kind of metal alloys, ferrous and non ferrous ones.

Specifications :

Technical Data
Optical Vacuum system:
Multi high resolution CCD system with up to 16 CCD solid state detectors depending on specific application.
Spectra field : 130 to 900 nm
High luminosity holographic grating with 2700 grooves per mm.
Focal length : 500 mm
Source : Multi - frequency spark source
Excitation parameters controlled by computer
Frequency range : 1-1000Hz

Mlab software, operating in Windows environment is very easy to be used. The operator can really use all the spectrometers functions.
Some of the most important functions are listed:
1. Analysis
2. Automatic Standardization
3. Printing and management of certificates
4. Determinations of alloys in accordance to international norms (UNI, ASTM, DIN, …)
5. Network linking and remote control
6. Autodiagnosis
7. SPC Statistical Process Control Charts (optional)

Power supply : 110/220 V AC 16 A 1 KW
Dimensions : P 95 x L40 x H65

Gas Consumption : Standby : 0.001L/h
: Constant flow : 0.5L/h

Include with :
Argon tank and regulator
Vacuum pump
Standard configuration SCP
Analytical programs for Fe Base (Included)
including all the needed elements as per Analytical programs
Fe20 (Carbon and Low Alloy) & Fe30 (Cr Steel)
Calibration and Analytical software : include
PC+ Printer include