APERA DO850 Optical DO Meter


State-of-the-art Optical DO sensor measures dissolved oxygen in a RELIABLE and EFFORTLESS manner
Minimal maintenance required. Quick and easy calibration
Automatic compensation for salinity, temperature& air pressure
GLP/GMP data management, 500 groups of data storage, USB data output
Comes with a complete test kit, including the meter, 10ft optical probe and salinity probe, a calibration cap, and a rugged carrying case
Diameter of the probe cap for the DO803 Luminescent Optical DO Probe: approximately 1.3 inches (3.3 cm)

* DO
Range : ( 0‐20,00) mg /L ( ppm ) ( 0‐200)%
Resolution : 0,01/ 0,1 mg/L (ppm) , 0,1/1%
Accuracy : ±2% reading or ±2 % oxygen saturation take the higher value ; ±2% reading or ± 0,2 mg/L take the higher volume
Temp Compesation : 0 to 100 ◦C (32 to 212 ◦F) Automatic or manual
Calibration Point : Oxygen Saturation&Zero Oxygen

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