APERA, Portable water hardness Meter YD300


The Apera Instruments YD300 is specially designed for fast and accurate measurement of water hardness (the concentration of calcium ions Ca2+ and magnesium ions Mg2+). The YD300 is equipped with a proprietary601-S water hardness electrode that has been proven to provide the same accuracy as the traditional volumetric EDTA method, but is much more convenient to perform measurements. Unlike the traditional EDTA method, it is not necessary to stir the samples or add reagents during measurements, and the ion concentration of the sample solutions can be measured directly as in pH measurements.

The meter uses an intelligent chip design that supports automatic calibration, data storage (up to 99 groups), and a low battery voltage indicator. The YD300 allows switching between eight common water hardness units, including mmol/L, mg/L (CaCO3), mg/L (CaO), mmol/L (Boiler), mg/L (Ca), ˚fH (France Degree), ˚dH (German Degree), and ˚eH (England Degree).

Application of electrode method to measure hardness, with the same accuracy as EDTA titration method, but much more convenient.
Patented 601-S 3-in-1 water hardness electrode: combines a measuring electrode, a reference electrode and a temperature electrode in one instrument.
Intelligent chip design ensures stable performance potential, fast response time and convenient handling;
Store 99 data; automatic calibration and temperature compensation (ATC), automatic lockout and shutdown.
Portable IP57 waterproof design, equipped as a complete set with a rugged carrying case; suitable for laboratory and field use.

The YD300 is waterproof according to IP57 and is supplied as a complete set. This kit contains the Model 601-S water hardness electrode, water hardness calibration solutions (B1, B2 and B3); matching calibration bottles, water hardness activation solution, a 20 ml test cup, a test cup stand, 2 AA batteries and a quick reference guide in a rugged carrying case. Applications: potable water, wastewater, cooling towers, boilers, piping, aquaculture, pools & spas. Two-year manufacturer’s warranty on the device (6 months on the electrode).

Water Hardness : Measuring range (0 ~ 10) mmol/l; (0 ~ 401) mg/l(Ca);(0 ~ 1000) mg/l(CaCO3); (0 ~ 100)ºfH(French unit);
(0 ~ 561) mg/l(CaO); (0 ~ 56)ºdH(German unit);(0 ~ 20) mmol/l(kettle); (0 ~ 70) ºeH (English unit).
Resolution : 0.01 / 0.1 Water hardness units
Accuracy : ±5% F.S
Temperature compensation : (5 ~ 50°C)(automatic)
Calibration points : 2.00×10-2 mmol/l (B1 calibration solution), 2.00×10-1 mmol/l (B2 calibration solution)
2.00 mmol/l (B3 calibration solution)
Calibration mode : – B1/B2 calibration, suitable for low concentrated water (< 2.00×10-2 mmol/l), e.g. boiler water - B2/B3 calibration, suitable
for general water quality
Temperature : Recommended Operating temp. : 0 ~ 60°C (32 ~ 140°F)
Resolution : 0,1°C
Accuracy : ±0,5°C
Data storage : 99 groups
Storage data : Serial number of measured value, measured value, units, Temperature and calibration method
Power supply : 2 AA batteries (1.5V×2)
Dimensions/Weight : Gauge: (65×120×31) mm/180g; Carrying case: (255×210×50) mm/790g Quality and safety certificate
Ambient temperature : 5 ~ 35°C (41 ~ 95ºF)
Humidity : ≤85%
Housing protection class : IP57, dust and waterproof

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